Sidney B. Meadows 
Scholarship Endowment Fund

Providing Scholarships
to Students in Sixteen 
Southeastern States
Pursuing a Career 
in Horticulture
Twelve students from eight universities have been chosen to receive awards this year. See Awards for more...

"Investing in our students is the best investment we can make in our future."  

  Sidney B. Meadows

Application Period - now closed: 
2016 Scholarship Applications
May 31, 2016: The scholarship application process is now closed for the 2016 scholarship awards. 

THANK YOU: With the help from many in the industry we have received nearly double the normal amount of applications for 2016 awards. The selection process will very difficult for our team of judges! Watch for announcements of this year's awards!

NEXT YEAR: All eligible students are encouraged to consider applying for the 2017. The application for 2017 awards will be available by January 1, 2017. To review the 2016 application details and to download a sample application package CLICK HERE.

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